Things to Know

* Many people reach toward the back of the fresh-produce shelf to find the freshest salad greens with the latest expiration dates. But a study led by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists may prompt consumers to instead look for packages that receive the greatest exposure to light--usually those found closest to the front.


* You can save money on groceries without cooking everything from scratch, using tons of coupons or worrying about what food is in season.

Read these easy tips:

*Ever tried green tomatoes? They're the ones harvested before ripening – easiest to find at farmers' markets in the summer. They are tangy and firm – just right for grilling, frying, salads and salsas. Did you know some are bred to stay green? But most will ripen to red. To keep them green as long as possible, store them in a single layer in fridge for about two weeks.

*Skip the bitter lemon juice alone for keeping sliced apples from turning brown. Dip them into lemon-lime soda.

*Use kitchen shears to make quick work of cutting up foods like canned fruit, cooked meat and bread cubes.

*To peel ripe tomatoes, carve an “x” on the bottom; immerse in boling wter 20 to 30 seconds. Skin comes right off.

*If you're at a farmers' market, ask about their overripe tomatoes – usually stashed under the table. Excellent for making sauces and for canning purposes.

* Organic food isn't lower calorie.  Most people think it is.

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