*Phil Lempert
Food trend watch, product reviews, information by a long-time food industry analyst & journalist.
An excellent place to look first if it has to do with right-now food issues.

Product info, recipes...

Start your food day here.  “An eccentric world of unique & fascinating food information.”  Excellent source.

*Food Site of the Day
Good site; not cluttered.

Self Nutrition Data
This site is very content-rich.  Useful facts, tools, tips, and articles on up-to-date topics.

Ciao Italy
List of Italian food-related sites.  From pizza to chocolate. Refreshingly simple, to-the-point.

Tasting Table
“Free daily email for adventurous eaters everywhere.”

Guide to Sushi and Sashimi
Clutter-free site; on-topic.

Just what it says.  You can type in a food and find out how long it will live. Food Safety and other tips.   Easy site.

USD Food and Nutrition Information Center
Intense site on everything from food labeling to food composition to lifecycle nutrition.

Slow Food USA
A grassroots organization that promotes a sustainable way of living and of eating.

Nat Decants
This leads you to more than 900 food links.  Some are very focused on a particular subject; some are more broad.

Sally's Place
This site has been around a long time.  It has grown considerably – boasting over 2,000 pages of content.  Because of its size and graphics, it is a little less maneuverable if you are in a hurry to just get to the point/facts.  But you can find a lot of stuff.

Gourmet Origins
In-depth info on foods and where they came from.  Easy site.

Site is has a social/blog/glossy mag feel.

Kid-friendly recipes, family entertaining tips

Eat the Seasons
Weekly info on what is in season at the markets, etc.  Easy, uncluttered site.

A general food site with a dictionary (THE FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION, by Sharon Tyler Herbst), recipes from well-known food magazines, etc.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages, a Web spice encyclopedia, by Gernot
 (and numerous mirrors)
The Cook's Thesaurus. By Lori Alden. Suggests substitutions for
thousands of cooking ingredients.

An A-Z glossary of Indian spices and cooking terms.


Directory listing of over 375 recipe and cooking websites.

Cooking guide for beginner cooks.

"Introduction to Cooking for Graduate Students and Other First Time
Kitchen Dwellers."

Links to sites related to Asian food and cooking, as posted
regularly to by blacksalt.

Linda's Culinary Dictionary. By Linda Stradley. A listing and
history of cooking, food, and beverage terms.

Italian-English-French-Spanish-German Gastronomical Dictionary.

English-French-German-Danish-Dutch food dictionary. By Jos and
Marg Sparreboom.

A glossary of spices, etc.

"Food tales, or everything you always wanted to know about the
migration and lore of food."

A glossary of baking terms maintained by Fleischmann's Yeast, a
commercial entity.

Multilingual meat and poultry glossaries.

Recipes, nutrition info, selection tips for vegetables, fruits, nuts
and herbs. By the Produce Marketing Association.

Comprehensive, illustrated fish encylopaedia. An FDA resource.

Tufts University Nutrition Navigator. Reviews and rating of
nutrition information Web sites.

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